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Engaging Discussion Strategies For Any Classroom

Get students talking with four easy-to-use discussion strategies that can be added to any lesson plan.

3 Things Every Student Needs to Do When Discussing

Teach students how to have awesome discussion with three simple steps!

Why Talking in Class is Actually a Good Thing: Five Reasons to Have Peer Discussions

Explore five reasons why peer discussion is a must in every classroom.

What Students Actually Need From Teachers

Four simple things every students needs in order to succeed in your classroom.

5 Tips for Teaching Health in the Gym

    Teaching health in a gymnasium can be quite the challenge. It’s a space where learning takes place through movement and play with loud music and chatty teens. And transitioning to a more traditional classroom experience can take some work.  5 Tips for Teaching Health in the Gym!Click To TweetI’ve been super lucky to…

Anxiety: Warning Signs and Ways to Help (Insight from a School Counselor)

    Anxiety is a hot topic in schools. It feels like each year we’re encountering more and more students dealing with anxiety. Unfortunately, between my district’s lack of proper training and support and my shortcoming in trying to understand, I’ve been failing my students (read more on that here). And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing…

Turtles All the Way Down: How a YA Novel Helped Me Finally Understand Anxiety

    Anxiety.  As teachers, we hear the term daily. We’re informed of students who experience it. We’re given training on how to understand it. We’re empowered and equipped to guide students through the storm. Well, at least we’re supposed to be. Five things Turtles All the Way Down taught me about anxiety Click To Tweet…

Wellness Basis: Your Guide to Mental Health

  Welcome back to the Wellness Basics blogging series where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive. Today’s topic is Emotional and Mental Health. Wellness Basics: Your Guide to Mental Health Click To Tweet What is Emotional & Mental Health? The short answer: Emotional and Mental Health is all about your…

How to Be Kind: 100 Acts of Kindness Every Middle Schooler Can Do

    Be Kind to Others A little bit of kindness can make the world a brighter place. Here are 75 ways every middle school can show kindness to the people around them:  Smile at everyone you pass in the hallway, in the store, or walking on the sidewalk Hold the door open for people …

Create a Standard of Kindness: 5 Ways to Inspire Kindness in Your Classroom

       Kindness is a powerful force that can radically transform the world.  A smile can bridge connection. Holding the door open can make someone feel noticed. A kind message can show someone that they’re cared for.  Kindness is basically magic as each kind act inspires and generates more kindness. Despite its magical qualities, kindness…

How to Be a Good Friend: 12 Social Habits Every Middle Schooler Needs to Learn (with printable)

    Teaching students how to build positive social lives is a must. And not just because middle schoolers are obsessed with their social lives. But because the status of our social well-being matters a lot. Like, determine the overall quality of your life a lot (watch this). Connection. Friendship. Belonging. Not only are these the driving…

(Wellness Basics) What is Social Health?

The Wellness Basics series is back! In this series, we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive. Today’s topic is Social Health. Want to empower your students to thrive? Check out the Wellness Basics series! Click To Tweet What is Social Health? Social Health is all about being connected and belonging. It…

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