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Back-to-School Resource Round-Up (with some freebies)

  And just like that, it’s August.   There’s something so incredibly inspiring about the month of August in the life of a teacher.   Time for a fresh start. Opportunity for a new beginning.  The endless possibilities.   It’s just so exciting! And almost makes me wish I was gonna be teaching this year. I say…

Let’s Talk About Sex – – 5 Reasons Why You Need to Teach Comprehensive Sex Ed

  Sex.    It’s everywhere. It’s in every show we watch, song we listen to and any book we read. Its presence is far-reaching.   Yet, despite its pervasiveness in our society, sex seems to be absent in one of the places it matters most….the classroom.    …Sex seems to be absent in one of the…

Teaching Middle Schoolers How to Write SMART Goals

Teach teenagers how to write SMART goals in five easy steps!

Media Audit: Taking a Critical Look at How the Media Impacts Social Well-Being

As part of a recent Social Heath unit, I asked my students to take a critical look at how the media impacts social well-being. This blog post is a look at the activity they did.     My students are constantly bombarded with subtle and not so subtle messages from the media. Whether it comes…

20 Black History Month Teaching Resources

Teach students about Black History with 20 relevant and engaging resources. List includes movies, articles, podcasts, and more.

New Resource: Fitness Unit Lesson Plans

Teach students how to use fitness to build lifelong physical health with this skills-based health education unit.

5 Super Easy Holiday Activities for Any Classroom!

Holidays are busy! The decorating. Shopping. Planning trips. Getting ready for guests. The list goes on and on.   Plus, grades are due because it’s the end of the trimester. Ahh…there’s so much to do, that I barely have time to spread the holiday cheer to my students.   Well, I have great news, I’m…

Classroom Tour – – My Health Classroom

Welcome to my health classroom! I’m so excited to take you on a photo tour.   One of the greatest things about building a brand new school is that we have actually health classrooms. Two of them. It is amazing. No more frantic emails to teachers, begging to use their space. No more taping and…

YA Books That Changed My Life!

I loooove YA books. I basically just read non-fiction stuff about wellness and YA novels (you can check out my reading list here).    I blame it on wanting to make sure I’m up today with what my students are reading. But let’s be real, YA books can be incredibly powerful pieces of literature. They challenge assumptions, introduce new realities, and…

(Wellness Basics) What is Physical Health?

The Wellness Basics blogging series is back. This is where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive!   Our topic this week is Physical Health.    » » » I find physical health to be very interesting. Mostly because the term health is often used interchangeably with physical health.…

My Healthy Life – A Free Activity

  We’re now into the fourth week of school and things are finally settling down. So I thought it was time to start sharing some of the things I’ve been doing with my students. Today, I’m suuuuuper excited to show you my first health activity of the year, an All About Me mini poster.     We…

The Project School Wellness Curriculum is finally here (plus a free lesson plan bundle)!!!

  For the past two years, I’ve been working on a huuuuge project and today I get to share it with you! I’m sooooo excited to finally announce the official launch of the Project School Wellness Curriculum, a middle school health education program unlike anything else.       The Details: Every aspect of this…

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