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#LikeAGirl Writing Activity

Also check out how we talk gender stereotypes with Mulan!     Hello and Happy Wednesday! Today, I am sharing a Wellness Across the Curriculum assignment aimed at empowering social and emotional wellness in the language arts classroom. I am sure most of you have seen the incredibly powerful #LikeAGirl commercial/campaign created by Always. I stumbled upon it…

{Lesson Plan} P.E. Tag Games + Imagination Worksheets

Fitness Freebies // Sign Up Happy Sunday Funday! Today I want to share my mini lesson plans for this week. Two days a week I teach kindergarten/1st grade P.E. and kindergarten for the final hour of the school day. Each P.E. class is thirty minutes so the goal is to spend 10 minutes playing a warm…

{#GimmeFive} Five Habits of Successful School Wellness Programs

  I am taking the First Lady’s #GimmeFive Challenge and sharing five habits of successful school wellness programs. If you have something to add to the list, share it in the comments below!   Five Habits of Successful School Wellness Programs   #1: The well-being of teachers and staff is the #1 priority!   I adamantly…

School Wellness 101

Wellness Basics Series // Sign Up “If you want to possess the highest level of sustainable health and happiness, you must be intentional about enhancing each component of health. This is necessary because the elements of health are interconnected, continually influencing and being influenced by one another.”   Have you heard the word wellness? Companies use it on…

{Wellness 101} Dimensions of Health and Wellness

Wellness Basics Series   In my first post, I focused on my philosophy of wellness in connection to my personal well-being. Today, I hope to expand on the content of my initial post and provide a more concrete understanding of wellness by presenting an overview of the dimensions of health and wellness.   (source)  …

{PE Activity} Fitness Speedway Printable

Discover more fitness freebies! Hello!   Today, I am sharing one of my favorite P.E. warm-ups, Fitness Speedway. I love this warm up because it is easy for the kids to understand and keeps every student moving throughout the entire activity. Additionally, it is easily customizable. A major focus in my P.E. class is ownership of…

{Wellness 101} What is Wellness?

The Components of Wellness Have you heard the word wellness? Companies use it on advertisements to sale their product. Businesses present it in their benefits package to entice employees. Fitness centers put it in their name to draw in costumers. Simply put, the word has become quite the trend and I don’t see it going away any time…

On the Go Bodyweight Workout

Here’s a quick On the Go workout. This bodyweight workout is perfect for any P.E. class! Have your kids word individually or in pairs. Students could also do this as an A.M.R.A.P. (as many rounds as possible) workout.     **Disclaimer: Although I am a certified physical education teacher should you choose to do any of the workouts and/or training…

Welcome to Project School Wellness!

Larger classes. More standardized testings. Changing objectives.   Are you feeling these like unrealistic expectations are making it impossible to focus on your students’ well-being?   Well, I’ve got good news for you. I have a way to beat the system! Enter wellness education.   The Wellness Solution   Wellness education is unique and all-encompassing. Within wellness, well-being is…

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