As the world turns upside down and teachers everywhere are going into emergency planning mode, my biggest concern for students is their well-being.

For millions of students, school is where they get two hot meals, enjoy a place of safety and security, and can count on stable adults to love and care for them. And for nearly all students, school is their social life. It’s where they see their friends, connect, and support each other.

As I think about what school means to each student, I wholeheartedly believe our role as health educators during this time is to help students’ nurture and boost their well-being as they live amid fear, uncertainty, and change.

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Throughout the past five years, I’ve definitely had lessons that hit the mark, while I’ve also had plenty that fell short. But through it all, the good, bad, and ugly, each one has taught me a great deal about designing meaningful lesson plans.

As I launch 2.0 of the Project School Wellness Curriculum, I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned throughout the process, especially what I’ve learned about creating engaging lessons. And today, I wanna share the top five tips I’ve learned.

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That’s right, we’re funding the registration fees (up to $530) for TWO Health and Physical Education teachers for the 2020 Shape Convention.

Wouldn’t you love to join your fellow health and physical education teachers in Salt Lake City this coming spring?

With over 400 sessions and 200+ trade show booths, you’ll definitely leave SLC with engaging and practical ideas, amazing #teacherfriends to collaborate with, and a renewed spirit!

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