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5 Tips for Teaching Health in a Gym - How to teach meaningful lesson in a loud gymnasium. Janelle from Project School Wellness, maker of lesson plans that change lives, share five ways to teach meaningful lesson in a gym. A must read blog post for every PE teacher!

5 Tips for Teaching Health in the Gym

    Teaching health in a gymnasium can be quite the challenge. It’s a space where learning takes place through movement and play with loud music and chatty teens. And transitioning to a more traditional classroom experience can take…

Your Guide to Emotional and Mental Health - - Check out Project School Wellness' Wellness Basics series to learn everything you need to know about emotional and mental health. Download a free lesson plan to teach middle schoolers about coping skills and how to enhance their mental health.

Wellness Basis: Your Guide to Mental Health

    Welcome back to the Wellness Basics blogging series where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive. Today’s topic is Emotional and Mental Health.Wellness Basics: Your Guide to Mental HealthClick To Tweet What is…

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