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Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday Funday! Today, I want to share a fun freebie with you! This year my school’s theme is “Building an Identity to Be Proud of!

So far it has been an incredible initiative and it has brought a high level of intentionality to the school experience.


As one of the first school-wide activities to promote our theme and to get our students thinking about their identity, students created these #MyIdentity posters:


Identity Poster - Example Photos

Free All About Me Poster


Step 1: Have students showcase various elements of their identity bybringingg photos, cutting up magazines or drawing pictures to represent different pieces of their life.


  • Family and Home: Students’ parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family, etc..
  • Hobbies and Recreation: How students like to spend their free time
  • Education and Career: Current education + future educational and career plans
  • Community Service and Connections: How students serve in their community + how they are connected to their community


My Identity Poster - Example

Free All About Me Poster


Step 2: Challenge students to be intentional by creating hashtags to bring purpose to their actions:


  • “I am” – Have students write hashtag defining who they are
    • Example: I am #AWellnessEducator
  • “Striving to be” – A hashtag establishing who they want to be
    • Example: I am striving to be #AnIntentionalTeacher
  • “Who you will see” – A hashtag proclaiming what the student will be seen doing
    • Example: Who you will see #ThrowKindnessAroundLikeConfetti


#MyIdentity Poster - Building an Identity to be Proud of

Free All About Me Poster


Step 3: Spice up the posters with coloring + construction paper and put up on the classroom/hallway walls!


We did this as a school-wide activity during the first few weeks of school. We took photos of every student (350ish kids) and had them printed at Costco. After students designed their individual posters, we hung them up throughout the entire school. Every day I see teachers, students, parents, and visitors reading the posters. It is so cool to see how a simple project can have such a huge impact on the school culture and climate!


Free All About Me Poster



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    December 20, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    Thank you for this.id like to adopt a similar approach too.
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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