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  • Discover the Project School Wellness Store!
  • Earth Day activities for any middle school classroom! Download this no-prep freebie for you classroom!
    Earth Day Photo Scavenger Hunt
    Celebrate Earth Day with a photo scavenger hunt!
  • How to plan for career success in your classroom! What every teacher needs to know about Occupational Health - Wellness Basics by Project School Wellness
    Career Exploration Freebie
    Help students brainstorm what questions they should ask when exploring various career options!
  • Inspired by Disney's Mulan, use this freebie to talk about gender stereotypes with your middle school students. This is a must have freebie lesson plan for every middle school teacher!
    Understanding Gender Stereotypes
    Inspired by Disney's Mulan this is the perfect way to start a converstaion about the role gender stereotypes play in society
  • Mission Statement Writing Activity - Free middle school lesson plans for Project School Wellness Members
    Mission Statement Writing Activity
    Just for Middle School Students
  • A must have freebie for every teacher! This one of a kind progress worksheet is a powerful tool to help students take ownership of their learning!
    Grades & Goal Check In
    Not your everyday progress report. This is a tool for critically assessing academic progress.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal PowerPoint
    Empower students to take ownership of their learning!
  • Download this mastery chart posters! Hey Teachers, use this Project School Wellness freebie to help students create a routine of self-assessment and reflection!
    Self-Assessment Posters
    Create a routine of self-assessment and regular reflection
  • Health and well-being is the basis of any human's ability to thrive! Which is exactly why health should be a fundamental focus in elementary, middle and high school! And there's no better place to start than with the Wellness Wheel! The Wellness Wheel is a tool to teach and explain that health is multidimensional and interconnected. Equipped with these two truths, any student can create a reality in which they thrive! Click to download this freebie lesson plan today!
    Wellness Wheel Worksheet
    A quick and easy worksheet to evaluate well-being.
  • A must have freebie for every teacher! Download this kudo card printable as a tool for giving students intentional and specific feedback.
    Kudo Cards
    Reinforcing positive behavior has never been so easy!
  • Project School Wellness Freebies - Download this Inside Out lesson plan sampler! Use the discussion questions to guide your students through Inside Out and the emotional and mental health!
  • All About Me Poster, Project School Wellness
    All About Me Poster
    Cultivate a sense of belonging by giving students an opportunity tot showcase their identity.
  • Educated Voter Unit
    An unbiased way to teach students about the election.
  • Wonder Face Posters - Characterization Project - Grab this Project School Wellness Freebie - A perfect add on to any Inspired by R.J. Palacio's Wonder - a freebie precept writing activity perfect for any middle school classroom
  • The ultimate PE teacher freebie! Transform your fitness activity and class warm ups with this fitness freebie. Click to discover how Janelle from Project School Wellness transformed her fitness time to a student led experience! This is a must have freebie for any middle school Health and PE teacher!
    Fitness Binders
    Everything you need to create an engaging student led fitness routine.
  • Black History Month Freebie - A cross curricular activity for any middle school classroom. Click to discover this highly engaging, low prep lesson plan!
    Black History Month Fitness Activity
    A cross curriculum fitness activity to introduce events and individuals that have forever changed our world.
  • The Power of Gratitude
    This No-Prep Thanksgiving activity is an awesome way to encourage students to practice gratitude!
  • Making lesson planning easier with this PE Weekly Lesson Planner freebie! This is perfect for every PE teacher looking for ways to make lesson and unit planning a more smooth process. Click to download this PE freebie from Project School Wellness!
    PE Lesson Planner
    Simple PE Weekly Lesson Planner
  • A must have identity building freebie! Download this freebie and start creating a school culture of belonging!
    Identity Map
    Engaging identity building/awareness activity!
  • Teacher freebie! Set your intention posters!
    Intentionality Posters
    Reminders to be an intentional teacher!
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