Larger classes. More standardized testings. Changing objectives.


Are you feeling these like unrealistic expectations are making it impossible to focus on your students’ well-being?


Well, I’ve got good news for you. I have a way to beat the system! Enter wellness education.


The Wellness Solution


Wellness education is unique and all-encompassing. Within wellness, well-being is divided into eight, interconnected components. Through wellness education each component is taught in the health classroom and reinforced throughout the school experience. In short, it is a comprehensive approach to teaching kids how to live full and prosperous lives. Better yet, wellness education lets superhero teachers dare to revolutionize education without disrupting the powers that be. 


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What does this even mean??? 


This means that when you teach students to strengthen one component of wellness (i.e. social well-being) you are helping them improve another (i.e. intellectual well-being a.k.a. academic success). Yes, you read it right – you can ensure that students thrive while still enhancing academic success. This is a result of the interconnected nature of health#HappyDance




Before we go any further, let me ease any potential anxiety. Have no fear, integrating a wellness mindset into your classroom and school is easier than it sounds. The great news is that you are most likely already promoting on each of the components of wellness.  For this reason, wellness education is really about identifying and classifying what you are already doing and attaching common language of wellness. This common language and understanding then empowers teachers and students to connect the dots and see how each aspect of life plays a vitally important role in well-being!


Seem too good to be true??? I promise it’s real! Now, I am not saying wellness is a quick fix to all our problems. What I am saying is that with simple actions, superhero teachers can greatly increase a student’s ability to live a full and meaningful life.


Teachers are heroes


Forget about capes, celebrity status or the ability to play sports. It’s actually teachers who save the world! A teacher’s heroism comes down to one simple factor, love. It’s almost unfathomable how much a teacher can love their kids. And I say kids because everyone knows once a student steps into a classroom, they have forever become a teacher’s child.


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Okay, let’s stop pretending, I know you’re a superhero teacher. Your love and devotion is immeasurable, reaching far beyond teaching kids how to read and write. And your M.O. is simple, help your kiddos live full and prosperous lives!


The Academic Success Speed Bump


But all praise aside, there’s a slight hiccup in your plan to change the world one student at a time. The reality is that even though you spend everyday committed to cultivating flourishing lives, our current educational system remains hyper focused on academic success. Neglecting the reality that no single aspect of life creates sustainable health and happiness.


How did I get into Wellness Education?


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I became obsessed with the idea of wellness education while studying Wellness and Lifestyle Management in graduate school. Once I was introduced to the theory of wellness I was instantly a believer. Immediately, I began to wonder about the potential roles wellness education could play within our existing educational system. Since then I have created this website for inquiring teachers, designed wellness resources, and continue to learn about the endless possibilities of wellness minded schools!


Putting Wellness Into Action


I’m pretty sure I’m preaching to the choir regarding the need expand our focus beyond academic success. So today, I challenge you to join me as we revolutionize how we teach kids to thrive! It’s time for you to tap into your super powers. It’s time to integrate wellness into your classroom and school.


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Start here → How to Start a School Wellness Program and subscribe to Project School Wellness to continue learning about how wellness education can empower your students to thrive. 



Meet Janelle


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Just for some added fun, here’s ten things about me…


1) I was born in California, raised in Texas and currently live in British Columbia. And my husband and I lived just outside of Shanghai during our first year of marriage.

2) I am a Potterhead and think Hermione is the greatest heroine ever written.

3) I love Disneyland and all of its magic.

4) Tennis is my favorite sport to watch and play. One day I will go to all four majors.

5) Traveling the globe is my favorite hobby. I am half way to my goal of visiting the 7 Wonders of the World ( + the Great Pyramid of Giza).

6) I am an ENFJ – scoring 100% extrovert. (P.S. the same personality as President Obama, Daenerys – The Mother of Dragons, and Elizabeth Bennet. Not bad company, I’d say.)

7 ) I would move to London, Hong Kong, or NYC in a heartbeat.

8) Running is my go to exercise. I’ve run three marathons and a handful of half marathons.

9) I think Lin-Manuel is a genius and would spend an exorbitant amount of money to see him be Hamilton.

10) I am a believer who is abundantly blessed by God!

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