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How Teachers Pay Teachers changed my life!

How Teachers Pay Teachers changed my life. And how it can change every teacher's life!

The Ultimate Teacher Guide to Thriving, a free email course   Teachers Pay Teachers (a.k.a. TpT) is one of the many startups disrupting the world. If you aren’t familiar with it, think of Airbnb* or Lyft* for teachers. Just in this scenario the hotel chains and taxi drivers are textbook publishers and teaching suppliers. The whole idea…

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Say Goodbye to Teacher Burnout and Thrive!

Say Goodbye to Burnout - A free email course for teacher burnout recovery! In 5 days discover the vital mindsets needed to overcome burnout and thrive!!! - A course designed by Project School Wellness

  It’s one of those things we accept as the teacher norm.   I mean, teachers are suppose to be overworked, underpaid, and rarely appreciated. These are the markings of a truly great teacher!   I know I’ve definitely been guilty of wearing my selflessness* as a badge of honor. The more I sacrifice and give, the better…

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Ninety Days of Healing

A free course for burnt out teachers   Why, hello there.   It has been a long time since we last spoke. Ninety days to be exact. A quarter of 2016. Since then my brother got married, Kyle and I traveled to Europe and celebrated our five-year anniversary, Pokemon Go took over the world, we witnessed the magic of…

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Just Say No to Teacher Burn Out!

A free course for burnt out teachers   Janelle here, writing from the Land of Burnt Out Teachers – challenging you to just say no to teacher burn out! I am sure you’ve been here before, or more likely, you’re here with me now. Honestly, I’ve been heading towards Burnoutville since day one.   The…

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