Don’t Forget to Take a Break!

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Hey there Superhero Teacher,


Only a few more days!


You can do it! Time to channel your inner Thomas and get it done.



I know you’re busy getting all of your holiday errands done and polishing off the finishing touches of your classroom holiday parties, so I’ll make this quick…


This winter break, don’t forget to actually take a break! Seriously, I mean it.


This means:

  • No grading or planning at home or in your classroom (don’t even thing about going to school)
  • Definitely no shopping on TpT (this is the one time of year, I am happy for hear crickets from my store)
  • No reading this blog or any other teacher blog – I won’t even be reading it, I’ll be livin’ it up on vaca



  • Enjoy family time!
  • Hangout with friends! (Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Ross or your real friends, your choice)
  • Schedule alone time to rest and relax. Whatever it is that you need to recharge, do it! – watch Netflix (may I suggest The Crown), read a book, have a spa day, go shopping…


As a recovering teacheraholic, I know how difficult it can be to actually take a break during breaks. But for the sake of your well-being and thrivability, taking a break isn’t really optional. You will be a better teacher, spouse, parent, friend, and every other title you hold if you bring balance to your work/life relationship this holiday!


Wishing you the most relaxing and rejuvenating of holiday seasons, 




P.S. And, don’t worry about anything in your classroom. Seriously, I pinky promise it will all still be there come Jan. 3.


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