Comprehensive & Skills-Based Health Curriculum

Level Three


A comprehensive and skills-based health curriculum. Teach students how to create a healthy life with this comprehensive resource. Level Three of our complete middle school health program with 30+ teaching plans requiring no extra planning and minimal prep.


Product Details

Included in Purchase



  • 33+ full lesson plans - - literally no extra planning needed - - just print and go!


  • teaching instruction video and written instruction for every single lesson.


  • Teaching PowerPoints for each lesson.


  • Grading rubrics for quick and meaningful assessments.


  • An answer key with teaching examples for every lesson.


  • Many of our best selling items are included.


  • Free updates for life! Yes, with this one-time purchase you have access to any updates or add ons to this curriculum (the price will rise as new lessons are added).

A Look At The Modules


  • This level has ten modules with 3-5 lessons within each section.


  • Modules focus on one of the eight dimensions of health: physical, emotional & mental, social, spiritual, financial, occupational, environmental, and intellectual.


  • Your purchase comes with the following add-on resources:
    • Comprehensive Sex Ed unit plans - 14 lessons
    • Fitness Unit - Six lessons
    • A variety of Classroom Poster

Important Things To Know


  • This curriculum was created for 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. Depending on your students, lessons can be adapted to accommodate 5th through 9th-grade students.


  • This curriculum can be used in a number of ways.
    • Be an add-on to a physical education course by teaching health two or three days a month
    • Used as the sole curriculum for a middle school health course
    • Serve as Advisory or Homeroom curriculum
    • Used by school counselors as part of a comprehensive school counseling program
    • Or any other way you'd like to adapt it!


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