Inside & Out of Mental Health

Mega Bundle: Discussion Questions & Workshets


Help students boost their mental health and emotional intelligence with these Inside Out Inspired Lesson Plans. This health education unit was designed to teach students how to express their emotions, cope with difficult life events, understand the purpose of their emotions, and more.

  • 10 Lessons
  • 40+ movie discussion prompts
  • Fully designed plans

Product Details

Lessons Included in Purchase



  • Getting to Know My Emotions Worksheets
    • Lesson #1: Identifying Emotions
    • Lesson #2: Inside & Out of Emotions
    • Lesson #3: Getting to Know My Emotions



  • Mental Health & Its Impact on Well-Being Worksheets
    • Lesson #1: Understanding Mental Health
    • Lesson #2: Inside & Out of Mental Health
    • Lesson #3: Mental Health & Its Impact on Well-Being


Teaching Resources Included


  • Detailed teaching guide with answer key and grading rubric


  • Teaching PowerPoint


  • Instruction videos outlining the entire lesson and providing additional teaching insight

A few of the themes in these resources:


  • Character Education
  • Core memories and experiences and how they shape identity and personality
  • Dealing with loss, sacrifice, loneliness and other difficult life experiences
  • Empathy Building
  • Identity Building
  • Necessity and power of feeling and expressing all emotions
  • Stress Management and Coping Strategies

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