Fitness Unit Lesson Plans

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Check out this no-prep Fitness Unit lesson plan bundle! Introduce students to the concepts of fitness and physical health, while teaching how to be physically active for a lifetime!


»»» Relevant Content

»»» Real life application

»»» No-prep + free updates


Purpose of this unit: This activity was created to help introduce students to basic fitness concepts and topics. Students will learn about the importance and value of regular physical fitness and how to integrate fitness into their daily routine.


Six no-prep lessons are included in this bundle:

♦ Lesson 1: Physical Health

♦ Lesson 2: The Value of Fitness

♦ Lesson 3: Components of Fitness & FITT Principle 

♦ Lesson 4: Goal Writing

♦ Lesson 5: Designing Workouts

♦ Lesson 6: Creating a Personal Fitness Program 


Why this is the easiest bundle you’ll ever purchase:

»»» Literally no extra planning needed – – just print and go! 

»»» A teaching instruction video and written instructions for each lesson.

»»» Teaching PowerPoints for each lesson.

»»» Grading rubrics for quick and meaningful assessment.

»»» An answer key with teaching examples for every lesson.


You’ll also get these additional teaching resources:

♦ Six workouts with instruction posters

♦ Two visual vocab sorts Physical Health and Components of Fitness

Exercise Posters

Physical Health poster

Ultimate Exit Ticket

♦ Physical Health discussion sheet 


***Bonus: Students would benefit (although not necessary) from having a basic understanding of total health and the dimensions of health before diving into this bundle. Click here to download 5 free lesson plans, an Intro to Health bundle.