Physical Health Learning Stations

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Build Physical and Health Literacy with interactive and engaging learning stations!!

»»» Teach students about what it takes to build Physical Health

»»» Introduce students to the concept of Healthy Habits and help them identify the positive habits in their life

»»» Get students out of their desks and moving during this interactive Discovery Walk


What other teachers are saying: 

»»» “Very organized and I loved the hands-on approach.”

»»» “The students enjoyed this. I love finding ways to get the kids moving during health class.”


Why you’ll love it: 

»»» Interactive and gets kids moving

»»» Creates an engaging opportunity for students to learn through Internet discovery 

»»» High level of peer-to-peer interaction


What’s included: 

»»» Teaching PowerPoint

»»» Two Student Worksheets – – Physical Health Discovery Walk and Physical Health Cheat Sheet – – Each lesson comes with an instructional video, detailed teaching guide, answer key, teaching examples, grading rubric, and quick print student worksheets.

»»» Station Posters 

»»» Physical Health teaching video 

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Perfect for:

»»» Teachers intentionally focused on empowering students to thrive.

»»» Health and Physical Health education teachers wishing to nurture physically literate students

»»» Teachers committed to a classroom focus on health and wellness




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