Level Two (7th Grade) – Project School Wellness Curriculum

A comprehensive and skills-based health curriculum. Teach students how to create a healthy life with this comprehensive resource. This is a complete middle school health program and comes with 30+ teaching plans requiring no extra planning and minimal prep.

  • Skills-based approach
  • Aligned to National Health Education Standards
  • Fully designed plans
  • Comprehensive focus
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>>> ENGAGE STUDENTS with interactive health lesson plans connected to relevant health topics and focused on building vital life skills.
Level 2 of the Project School Wellness Curriculum is included in this purchase. The scaffolded levels were designed to create a lasting foundation of health in each student’s life. Here’s an overview:
  • Students will learn how to evaluate and assess individual well-being.
  • Students will develop health skills to strengthen and sustain each element of their well-being.
  • Students will learn how to activity create environments that empower students to thrive.
>>> SAVE TIME & ENERGY with this health education unit. Each lesson comes with a detailed teaching guide, outlining every aspect of the class period from start to finish. There is NO EXTRA PLANNING required and minimal prep before class.
Included in Purchase
  • Level 2 of the Project School Wellness Curriculum
  • 30 full lesson plans – – literally no extra planning needed – – just print and go! 
  • A teaching instruction video and written instruction for every single lesson.
  • Teaching PowerPoints for each lesson. 
  • Grading rubrics for quick and meaningful assessment. 
  • An answer key with teaching examples for every lesson. 
  • Free updates for life! Yes, with this one-time purchase you have access to any updates or add-ons to this curriculum (the price will rise as new lessons are added). 
Important Things To Know
  • This curriculum was created for 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. Depending on your students, lessons can be adapted to accommodate 5th through 9th-grade students. 
  • This curriculum can be used in a number of ways.
    • Be an add-on to a physical education course by teaching health two or three days a month
    • Used as the sole curriculum for a middle school health course
    • Serve as Advisory or Homeroom curriculum
    • Used by school counselors as part of a comprehensive school counseling program
    • Or any other way you like to adapt it!
A Look At The Modules
  • This level has ten modules with 3-4 lessons within each section. Modules include an introduction, a section for each dimension of health, and an end-of-level project
  • Modules focus on one of the eight dimensions of health: physical, emotional & mental, social, spiritual, financial, occupational, environmental, and intellectual. 
  • Your purchase comes with the following add-on resources:
    • Comprehensive Sex Ed unit plans – 14 lessons
    • Fitness Unit – Six lessons
    • A variety of Classroom Posters
We provide teachers with engaging health lesson plans focused on relevant issues.
Helping you equip students with the knowledge and skills to take ownership of their well-being and thrive.
Our lessons are:
Teacher-designed. Classroom-tested. Student approved
Download FREE Lesson Plan Bundle – – Lesson plans, classroom posters, student activities, and more!
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