Exploring My Dream Career: We’re Hiring

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Looking for a quick, easy, and impactful career exploration lesson plans. Well, you’ve found the right place!




Choosing a career is one the most important decision we make in life! Therefore, it is our responsibility, as teachers, to empower students to look beyond a paycheck or convenience to the heart of what makes a career great.


The Exploring My Dream Job: We’re Hiring lesson plan is an engaging career exploration activity. During this activity, students do a deep dive into their dream career. They will research a career beyond necessary education and salary.


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***Bonus: Students would benefit (although not necessary) from having a basic understanding of total health and the dimensions of health before diving into this bundle. Click here to download 5 free lesson plans, an Intro to Health bundle.




Why this is the easiest lesson you’ll ever purchase:

»»» Literally no extra planning needed – – just print and go!

»»» A teaching instruction video and written instructions

»»» Teaching PowerPoint

»»» Grading rubric for quick and meaningful assessment.

»»» An answer key with teaching examples.


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This lesson was originally designed as part of the Project School Wellness Curriculum. Project School Wellness’ approach to health is not your everyday health curriculum. We go beyond the old school physical health only approach to teaching health. We’re not focused on getting every kid to run faster miles and memorize dietary guidelines (not that those are bad goals). Oh no, we’ve got our dreams set on something much bigger – empowering every student to thrive!


And at Project School Wellness we understand that thriving doesn’t come from just being physically healthy!  You see, we wholehearted believe that health is multidimensional and that the dimensions are interconnected! This means that students must understand and learn how to strengthen and sustain each dimension of health (Not. Just. Physical. Health.).


Simply put, everything we create centers on two truths – that there are multiple dimension of health and each dimension powerfully influences and impacts the others (Learn more here).


I know it sounds like heavy stuff. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This curriculum comes with everything you need to establish meaningful health education.