Character Education Resources

Lesson Plans and Blog Posts to Build Character

  • A must have free download for every middle school teacher! This mission statement writing activity breaks down the mission statement writing process for any middle schooler. This no-prep activity can be used in any classroom across the curriculum. It's especially useful for middle school language arts teachers, health teachers, and Advisory coordinators. This Project School Wellness resource is a must have free download! Click to download your free lesson plan and activity guide today!
  • Inspired by Disney's Mulan, use this freebie to talk about gender stereotypes with your middle school students. This is a must have freebie lesson plan for every middle school teacher!
  • Wonder is a must read for every middle schooler! Check out this engaging empathy building unit plan designed just for you and your students. Students will characterize Auggie and friends, dive into their points of view, and create their own precepts. Perfect for any advisory program or language arts curriculum!
  • Everyday teachers across the globe help make your kid an employable adult!
  • What teachers really want to tell parents about their kids! Check out this letter written from a middle school teachers to parents concerning school discipline!!! This is a must read fro EVERY parent out there with a kid in school!
  • Wellness Basics - Spiritual Health - Discover how to help your students find their purpose in life - Project School Wellness