National Compliment Day!

A Truly Amazing School-Wide Activity



"(Insert your name) you are such an incredible teacher!! You continually amaze me with how much time and energy you dedicate to each of your students!"


Whoa, wouldn't that be nice to hear on a regular basis?!? Maybe you do, if so count your blessings! Unfortunately, this is not always the talk going around my school. Sure, occasionally I catch a kid saying something so full of respect and kindness it gets me all emotional. But as you can imagine, that's not the norm.


At least it isn't currently the norm. However, we, the Advisory team, hope to change that!


Enter, National Compliment Day!

Yes, it's technically on Sunday the 24th but we aren't letting that stop us from turning our school into a complimenting machine!



Free Compliment Cards


Here's our super simple and easy to follow two-step plan:


  • Step 1) First thing Monday morning teachers will write out and deliver three (or more) compliments (on Post-Its) to students in their homeroom classes.


  • Step 2) Once a student has been given a compliment they are supposed to: 1) post it on the "Wall of Wonder" - see photo above; and 2) pay the compliment forward to another person (classmate, teacher, staff, anything...) at school.


Our hope is for each recipient to continue paying it forward until our wall is completely filled with the wonder of our students and staff!!!


Sounds like a good plan, right!!! Doesn't it also sound incredibly easy?!?


Yes, yes it does!


So why not try it at your school too! All you need is a few willing teachers to get the ball going. You don't even need fancy Post-Its, you can just use any old paper;)



Check out all the compliments ready to be read first thing Monday morning:) 


Please, please let me know how Compliment Day went at your school! I'll add photos post-Compliment Day next week!!!


Oh and one more thing, I wasn't joking about what I said. You are an incredible teacher and you amaze me!!! Keep on changing lives! 



A must have freebie for every teacher! Download this kudo card printable as a tool for giving students intentional and specific feedback.


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