Accessing Valid Information

Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid information, products, and services to enhance health.

The Skill

The ability to find credible, accurate, and relevant information, services, and products concerning a specific health topic.

Why It Matters

To take ownership of personal well-being it is often necessary to research health information, seek health services, and access health products. If we aren’t able to distinguish what is accurate and relevant information, services, and/or products we risk accepting false information as truth, access improper care, and/or consume unhealthy or ineffective products. 

How to Do It

Skill Cues for Accessing Valid Information


Step 1) Check the publication date or most recent update


Step 2) Determine if the author is regarded as an authority on the matter


Step 3) Define the author’s purpose for creating the publication


Step 4) Identify whether or not the author supports their claim with valid evidence


Step 5) Confirm that the information actually relates to the topic and/or question you’re researching

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