Occupational Health

Loving your job, being good at your work, and making enough money for your needs and wants

Resources for Teaching Occupational Health

Empower students to take ownership of their occupational well-being with a skills-based approach. Here are a few ideas for potential lesson topics: 

  • Analyzing what influences impact how a person chooses a career and how well a person performs at their job - Analyzing Influences


  • Access valid information when exploring career options - Accessing Valid Information


  • Develop the interpersonal skills needed to work and connect with colleagues - Interpersonal Communication Skills


  • Understand how to make values-based decisions and determine how a particular decision may impact well-being when choosing a career - Decision Making


  • Learn how to set career goals (i.e. projects, promotions, training, etc) and work towards them - Goal Setting


  • Identify and build healthy habits needed to be successful in a future career (habits that can be nurtured while in school) - Practice Health Enhancing Behaviors

Here are a few videos to help you and your students better understand Occupational Health concepts: 

Be sure to download the following free resources related to Occupational Health: 

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health refers to loving your job, being good at your work, and making enough money for your needs and wants.

Skills-Based Health Education

A health education framework focused on mastering vital life skills and understanding essential health concepts for the purpose of empowering students to live healthy lives.

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