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Jimmy Fallon’s Unexpected Anti-Bullying Lesson Plan

By Janelle Kay / March 14, 2021 / Comments Off on Jimmy Fallon’s Unexpected Anti-Bullying Lesson Plan

Discover how a Jimmy Fallon prank on Robinson Cano turned into an unexpected and impactful anti-bullying lesson plan!

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Free Health Lesson Plan - Health Education Choice Board - Digital Learning Resource - Google Classroom resource with Google Slides and PDF worksheets - Project School Wellness

Health Education Choice Board

By Janelle Kay / April 9, 2020 / Comments Off on Health Education Choice Board

Free Health Education Choice Board – Engage students with this skills-based health education choice board. It can be printed or used as a digital resource.

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Health at Home, My Thoughts and Recommendations

By Janelle Kay / March 17, 2020 / Comments Off on Health at Home, My Thoughts and Recommendations

As the world turns upside down and teachers everywhere are going into emergency planning mode, my biggest concern for students is their well-being.

For millions of students, school is where they get two hot meals, enjoy a place of safety and security, and can count on stable adults to love and care for them. And for nearly all students, school is their social life. It’s where they see their friends, connect, and support each other.

As I think about what school means to each student, I wholeheartedly believe our role as health educators during this time is to help students’ nurture and boost their well-being as they live amid fear, uncertainty, and change.

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How to be a good friend: 12 social habits every middle schooler needs to learn. Project School Wellness looks at the importance of promoting social well-being in every middle school classroom. Download the free poster and checklist.

How to Be a Good Friend: 12 Social Skills Every Middle Schooler Needs to Learn (with printable)

By Janelle Kay / September 16, 2018 /

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