Jimmy Fallon’s Unexpected Anti-Bullying Lesson Plan

A quick and easy anti-bullying lesson plan

A Prank That is Actually the Perfect Tool for Teaching Anti-Bullying

I'm not sure if Jimmy Fallon realizes this or not, but this clip of Yankee fans booing Robinson Cano is quite possibly the perfect discussion starter for a talk on cyberbullying. 

Jimmy Fallon's Unexpected Anti-Bully Lesson Plan - A quick and easy lesson on bullying and building an anti-bully school culture

The fans are happy, even giddy, to boo a picture of Cano. But as soon as he's standing in front of them, they instantly change their demeanor. They are friendly and kind and they stand in awe.

It's a perfect look at how easy it is to become a bully when we're hiding behind a screen. We feel bold enough to say things we would never say to another human's face when we don't have to acknowledge the pain and hurt we cause. 

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A Simple Discussion & Anti-Bully Learning Activity

So how can you use this clip as an anti-bullying lesson plan in your classroom? Here's an outline for using this clip to launch a discussion on cyberbullying in your classroom (of course, adapt however you see fit!):

  • Watch the video clip (Please preview it first as there are some bleeped out words). 
  • Then, in pairs, ask students to discuss the following:

    • What did fans do when they saw a photo of Robinson Cano?  
    • How did the fans treat the real Robinson Cano? 
    • How were these two interactions different?
    • What caused fans to act differently?
  • Next, as a class, connect the video to cyberbullying. Explain how the fans' actions are similar to posting negative comments, sharing photos/videos with a person's consent to boost your social capital, talking about a person behind their back, etc. The video shows just how easy it is to say things about and to people when it's just a screen when you don't actually have to acknowledge the impact your actions and words have on another person. 
  • Wrap up the discussion by challenging students to always ask, "Would I say this to their face?" And if the answer is no, then don't post it.

I hope this quick and easy anti-bullying lesson is impactful for your students! And if you have other clips that make for great discussion starters, please send them my way!

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