Wellness Basics: Occupational Health

An in-depth look at what Occupational Health is and Why it Matters

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Welcome to the next installment in the Wellness Basics series - where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive!  This week's topic is Occupational Health. 


It's not quite what you think.


When I asked my students what's the most important thing to consider when choosing a career, too many of them said money. Well, kids here's the hard truth - having a thriving career isn't all about the benjamins.


Ya see, here's the definition of Occupational Health...


How to plan for career success in your classroom! What every teacher needs to know about Occupational Health - Wellness Basics by Project School Wellness


Occupational Health reaches beyond physical safety in the workplace and simply having a career. It refers to having a career you love that connects to your purpose and passion. Having the ability to balance work and leisure time, to handle workplace stress, and to build relationships with co-workers.


And just like each of the other dimensions of health, Occupational Health powerfully connects to every aspect of well-being. It can be the source of great stress and joy, financial security or insecurity, meaning and purpose, and so much more.


Occupationally Healthy Habits


So how exactly can we nurture Occupational Health and thrive? Here are a few habits to ponder...


  • Create a balance between work and home. Learn to set boundaries, create a schedule, and how to say no.


  • Expose yourself to many different career opportunities and possibilities! Don't get stuck in the mindset set of only one possible future.


  • Choose a career based on your passions and purpose. And continually evaluate your career choice to ensure that it connects accordingly.


  • Develop social skills and learn how to foster positive relationships with the people you work with.


So What Does This Mean for My Classroom? 


I know thinking about fostering Occupational Health in your classroom can feel incredibly overwhelming. I mean, besides academically preparing students for a real-life job, we also have to help them define their passion and purpose (here's a lesson on that), teach them how to balance life, handle stress, and nurture social skills! #AintNobodyGotTimeforThat


Don't worry, it's easier than it looks.


Because you're such a rockstar teacher, I'm sure you're already promoting Occupational Well-Being! All you have to do now is connect the dots and make sure kids understand the connection.  Here are some much-needed job skills I'm 100% sure you're teaching your students:


  • Social skills and learning how to work with people


  • Setting goals and creating a plan of action


  • Teaching kids how to identify and process emotions and stress


  • Creating a balance between school and play


  • And of course, you're exposing them to the many different careers they could have


How to plan for career success in your classroom! What every teacher needs to know about Career Exploration - Wellness Basics by Project School Wellness

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I'd love to hear about what you do to promote Occupational Health in your classroom??? I am always looking for creative ways to help kids connect what they're doing now to their futures.


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