5 Ways to Teach Your Children to be Kind!




Is kindness going out of style? I recently read that 80% of students believe their parents prioritize academic success and happiness over being kind. And this concerns me.


While I admire parents placing value of raising happy, successful children, I still believe that you can’t achieve these outcomes without teaching kids how to be kind.


Let’s look at kindness on a biological level. When we are kind, stress levels lower, a sense of belonging increases, the ability to concentrate rises, and there is a boost in happiness levels. Kindness has a core connection to success and happiness, making the necessity of kindness nonnegotiable.


So how exactly do we raise kind children? If you integrate simple practices into your daily parenting routine, you can raise kind children. To discover five ways to teach your children to be kind, head over to Educents for the full post! 

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