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Wellness Basis: Your Guide to Mental Health

Your Guide to Emotional and Mental Health - - Check out Project School Wellness' Wellness Basics series to learn everything you need to know about emotional and mental health. Download a free lesson plan to teach middle schoolers about coping skills and how to enhance their mental health.

  Welcome back to the Wellness Basics blogging series where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive. Today’s topic is Emotional and Mental Health. Wellness Basics: Your Guide to Mental Health Click To Tweet What is Emotional & Mental Health? The short answer: Emotional and Mental Health is all about your…

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National Compliment Day!

  “(Insert your name) you are such an incredible teacher!! You continually amaze me with how much time and energy you dedicate to each of your students!”   Whoa, wouldn’t that be nice to hear on a regular basis?!? Maybe you do, if so count your blessings! Unfortunately, this is not always the talk going…

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Intentional Identity Building

  Hello, Fellow Educators!!! Sorry for the looooong delay in posting! Now that we have finished the first month of school, I am making an attempt to get into a regular blogging schedule (although right now I am pretty zapped of energy by the time the final bell rings). My goal is to post here once a…

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