25 Ways Teachers are Making Students Employable Adults

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Hey Teachers,


Just in case you needed a reminder of how awesome you are, I wanted to count the ways you’re powerfully changing the lives of your students. Here’s a list of 25 things educators teach and promote everyday to make sure students (a.k.a. the further leaders of the world) are employable, successful, thriving adults!



25 Vital Things Your Kids Learn at School


  1. The truth that kindness always wins
  2. How to actively listen
  3. Respect for self and others
  4. The power of being self-reliant and the humility of knowing how to ask for help
  5. Learning how to work on a team
  6. The need to be flexible
  7. How to think critically
  8. Understanding that failure is simply part of the process
  9. How to be a problem solver (a.k.a. innovative and creative thinker)
  10. Practice setting goals and learning how to meet deadlines
  11. Learning how to view feedback as a gift
  12. How to always push the boundary of possibility
  13. Understanding that life is more than work and education
  14. Learning how to work with people you really, really don’t like 
  15. The power of open mindedness
  16. Understanding how to resolution conflict and handle stressful situations
  17. Nurturing self-confidence
  18. Taking pride in working hard and a job well-done
  19. Learning how to build and sustain social connections
  20. Understanding how to manage time and responsibilities
  21. Building skills to deal with life when things don’t going exactly as planned 
  22. The value of curiosity and a love of learning & discovery
  23. Learning how to communicate (…beyond Snapchat)
  24. The importance of living by a standard of honesty & integrity
  25. And last but not least, learning how to have fun and play



Teachers, you’re seriously amazing. The fact that you teach these fundamental themes on a daily basis is unreal!

Thank you for all you do,


~ Janelle

25 Ways teachers make your kids employable, thriving adults - a much needed look into how teachers powerfully influence and impact students lives on a daily basis!

P.S. Feel free to pass this along to any of the haters who think teaching is an easy job.




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