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School Wellness Programs, the Key to Thriving Students!

The Ultimate Teacher Guide to Thriving, a free course   Recently, I’ve begun to realize that eyes start to glaze over when I talk about wellness and my passion for creating a culture of wellness at school. I’ll admit, it’s not fun realizing that the message I am trying to promote isn’t understood in a meaningful way.…

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Career Exploration Lesson Plans

  Yay, I finally posted my Career Exploration Packet on TPT! This has been a loooong time coming. These activities were created and used in my classes over a month ago but have since been collecting cyber dust in my iCloud waiting for a final polish:) Well, thanks to 10+ hours of flying last week (#SpringBreak), the polishing…

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Environmental Health Infographic & Animated Video

Discover Our Freebies     Today, I want to share two resources I made for my students as we study environmental health! This was my first animated instruction video and my first infographic. I used Raw Shorts (review here) to make the video and PiktoChart for the infographic. I found that both were extremely helpful. I…

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