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As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I've been trying to focus on creating a culture of gratitude in my classroom. To help me in my efforts, I tapped into the amazingness of Soul Pancake with this incredible video...


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It is one of my all time favs. After watching it, my kiddos did a lesson on gratitude (click to access). They wrote a thank you letter, started a gratitude journal and created a list of gratitude.


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It was a phenomenal lesson. Students wrote letters to classmates, siblings, and parents. Two even wrote me a tear jerking letter. It was one of those lesson, I'll never forget!



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After watching my kids take on these gratitude challenges, I thought I'd better practice what I preach. So I made a list of 16 work things I am grateful for and I am gonna post it by my office as a reminder.


So here it goes. I am grateful for...


1) Flexibility and freedom to create my own health curriculum

2) Work friends who are real friends 

3) A brand new school -> new walls are going up every day

4) Chromebooks and the Internet. The possibilities are endless.

5) When my students have ah-ha moments. Last week, I listened to student explain to a complaining classmate why learning about wellness is incredibly important and necessary. I could have cried.

6) Amazing genius creations like Inside Out - making it easier to engage students in heavy topics

7) My students letting me eat lunch with them - I love hanging out with them in their world:)

8) Advisory and the opportunity to focus on non-academic issues 

9) Honest (sometimes brutally honest) students teaching me about life and challenging me to be better

10) Apple Music - So. Many. Songs.

11)  Loving students, who genuinely care about my well-being - man do they notice things

12) The opportunity to influence systemic change at a fundamental level.

13) That P.E. dress code 🙌🏼. The fact that I get to wear workout clothes every day (a.k.a. a legitimate excuse to buy lululemon gear)

14) A husband who teaches the same subject and shares teaching ideas

15) Outstanding co-teachers to collaborate and connect with

16) Job-sharing because let's be real, teaching less makes me a better, healthier teacher, person, wife, co-worker, daughter, and sister. I am more patience, happier, and more loving. It's a win-win-win. 


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And because I know how rare a teacher-thank you is...Let me tell you how amazing you are! Your dedication to your students is truly inspiring. You are a rock star and the world is a better place because you chose to be a teacher!

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving,



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