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How many of you are getting excited for Super Bowl 50 (and my birthday)! To kick off the celebration I created this cross curricular Super Bowl Activity for my students to do today and tomorrow (seriously, this could easily be used in a non-pe or pe classroom!)


Super Bowl Blog Photo.001

Amazing Race: Super Bowl Edition on TPT


 Here's a little preview:




This game might seem a little confusing at first (as the answer to question #7 is not ten) but it is actually quite easy and once the kids understand how it works, it runs smoothly. Here's a little breakdown...


  • Each pair/group starts at a different question (with a blank answer sheet + a vis-a-vis marker) and progresses through the questions and roadblocks. To begin, group #1 answers question #1. After figuring out the answer, the group searches for the answer printed on one of the other game posters (So for the photo above, students would need to find the poster that listed the Pittsburgh Steelers as an answer.).


  • Next, the group reads and answers the question printed above the answer to the previous question (In terms of the photo above, the next question students answer would be the question listed above the Pittsburgh Steelers.) and then continue moving through the game in this manner. If there is a “roadblock” sign the group runs to the middle of the gym to draw a “road black” card and completes the exercise before answering the next question.


The first group finished is the winner:)


If you are interested in looking at this game more in-depth download this Amazing Race freebie.




In the past, if students needed help with a question they could run to their core teachers' classrooms and ask for help. This time around, I kinda dropped the ball on asking the teachers ahead of time, so I decided this would be a great opportunity for my students to strengthen their Googling skills.




Some of you may be wondering why my kids need to learn how to use the Internet for discovery...Well, this is why...Earlier this week, I was frightened by my students' lack of Internet skills. This realization came after only 5 out of 150 kids got 100% on a volleyball quiz in which they had free reign of the Internet. So I thought this would be a great activity to challenge the kids to take ownership of their learning by approaching each question with a growth mindset and trusting that with some effort they can and will find the answer.




The kids really got into searching for answers. I let them use their phones and the schools' Chromebooks. The only limitation was that they couldn't use Siri (or Google's version of Siri). They had to at least think of the questions and type them into Google.




Most of the kids finished around the same time. A few of them figured out that they could answer some questions by Sherlocking it but most stuck to using Google.




And the winner is...Mickey Mouse and the Ghetto Clubhouse?!?! Kids...ha




Overall, I was very pleased with how this activity went down. Initially, I was pumped to use it as a way to generate Super Bowl excitement but once we got into the activity, I was happy to adjust my expectations and use it as an opportunity for students to take ownership of their learning and develop discovery + growth mindset skills!


Anyways, I hope you have a fantastic and safe Super Bowl Weekend. I am sure ready to celebrate!


Amazing Race: Super Bowl Edition on TPT


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