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Today, I am sharing one of my favorite P.E. warm-ups, Fitness Speedway. I love this warm-up because it is easy for the kids to understand and keeps every student moving throughout the entire activity. Additionally, it is easily customizable.


A major focus in my P.E. class is ownership of learning and empowering students with the knowledge and skills to live healthy lives once they leave school. This means giving the students the reins and letting them control the learning environment. Last year, I simply had the kids use whiteboards to write out four exercises. However, in the future, I will laminate enough copies of this mini-poster for each pair and have students write the chosen exercises with vis-a-vis markers.


If your students are not ready to create their own exercise routine, feel free to write four exercises on a whiteboard or tell the students what to write on their poster.


Here's the free Fitness Speedway printable. Just right-click + print!

Fitness Speedway - Project School Wellness



Using the Fitness Speedway printable in your classroom...


Step 1:

Save printable + Print on regular size paper - print one for every two students (i.e. if you have 30 students, make 15 copies)


Step 2:

Laminate or place in a plastic sheet protector (I prefer laminating)


Step 3:

Have students write in four exercises using vis-a-vis markets. I generally have students do: 1 arm exercise (i.e. crab toe touches), 1 leg exercise (i.e. squat jumps), 1 core (i.e. Russian twist), and 1 total body (i.e. burpees). I try to emphasize the importance of a balanced workout.


Step 4:

Go through the directions on the poster. I stress that the runner remains outside of the basketball court and that the stationary partner must exercise near the volleyball court.


Step 5:

Press play on the iPod and let the fun begin.


Step 6: 

Have students take + record heart rates, do a few cool-down laps, clean posters, and be ready to transition to the main learning activity.

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