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Want to learn how to talk like a teenager? Just press play and let the learning begin:)



Last week, Kyle and I were watching Life in Pieces (btw, that's a hilarious show!) and one of the stories was about the aunt and uncle trying to help their teenaged niece with a relationship issue. It was so comical because the aunt and uncle and niece were in two completely different worlds and the situation just blew up. And since we half live in the world of teenagers and half as adults, we could relate with both parties.


As we were chatting about the show I started wondering if there are any blogs/vlogs out there keeping parents/teachers updated on how students speak and about what's relevant with kids. I did a quick search and didn't find anything, so I decided to create something!


I titled this webseries, "What the heck is my child saying?" I thought this name was fitting because the youth (anyone younger than me) speak and communicate in a different language. I find it fancisnating and confusing and frustrating all at the same time. Phrases and terms come and go so quickly making it difficult to stay on top of it but thankfully I have a great resource to keep me in the know. This great resource is my students!


My students were super excited when I told them about this vlog and they were willing to share their wisdom and knowledge with me. To prep for filming,  I decided to skip my planning on Monday and spend lunch chatting with my 7th and 8th graders. Basically they gave me  a lesson on the language of teens. It was illuminating and incredibly entertaining!


(P.S. If you don't eat lunch with your kids on the reg , I recommend that you do. I find that it's the 🔑 to  authentically connecting with my students!)


Anyways, back to the vlog. After some intense research (taking to my students and looking up things on urban dictionary), I filmed and edited this vlog.  I hope you find it valuable!


~ Janelle


A quick guide for parents and teachers:

    • Af or asf - as f*ck - a way to emphasize what you are saying
    • Bae - someone close, "before anyone else"
    • Fam // Sup Fam - referring to friends or friend group, a way of greeting or sharing hello
    • Goals- anything you want (relationship or ship goals, life goals, body goals, squad goals)
    • Lit - amazing
    • Low Key - something on the down low or in secret // High Key - something that needs to be shared, amazing, impressive
    • Ship - short for relationship
    • Ship Name - a couple name (like Janelle + Kyle = Kynelle)
    • I ship them - a way of saying two people should be together
    • Snaps/Story/My story - all referring to Snapchat
    • OTP - One True Pair - another way of sharing two people should together
    • That's so tumblr or you're so tumblr - saying something fits within the tumblr genre, a away to say that something is nice enough for tumblr


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