My Halloween Costume!

Happy Halloween!


Time to reveal the teacher Halloween costume I wore to school yesterday. I looove dressing up, especially when I get to dress up for school. The kids love it and it is a great way to remind kids that teachers can have fun too. As Halloween fast approached, I couldn't decide on a costume. I had this fun idea of being Cinderella in a ball gown but trading in my glass slippers for a pair of Nikes. I also found this awesome panda onesie (still might buy it). Or I thought about being Joy from Inside Out. Oh, and of course Hermione and Katniss are always on the table.


I had so many choices but nothing seemed perfect...until a brilliant idea (IMHO) came to mind while I was costume shopping...I should dress up like my students. You see, they all wear Nike Elite shorts, a Nike top, and Elite socks paired with Nikes or Jordans and a flat bill snapback. I already had a pair of vintage Jordans from high school, so I just needed to buy the rest of the ensemble.


Here's the end result...


Best Teacher Halloween Costume Ever!!


I was super pleased with the way it turned out. The coolest thing was that I could've literally been dressed as 30+ different girls or boys, so every kid that comes up to me said I was dress as someone else. A kid at the end of the day even said, "Mrs. Kay, you had the best costume of the teachers because you dressed like us!" I'd say that's a compliment:)  I'd also say it's a compliment when you catch a student Snap Chatting your Halloween costume!


Best Teacher Halloween Costume Ever!!


And the dress-up fun didn't stop when the bell range! Today, I have the privilege of chaperoning my first middle school dance. Now, for anyone who thinks this was a punishment, you couldn't be further from the truth. I had an absolute blast! I was out there making a fool of myself signing Taylor Swift way too loud and dancing a little too ridiculous for any 27-year-old. But who cares, the kids had a blast and they got a big reminder of the fact that Mrs. Kay is always willing to connect with them in their own reality:)


What about you? Did you dress up??? Do you enjoy chaperoning school dances??? Please share in the comments below!


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