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Physical Health Learning Stations

By Janelle Kay / September 13, 2017 / Comments Off on Physical Health Learning Stations

Preview this resource | See it in action   Build Physical and Health Literacy with interactive and engaging learning stations!! »»» Teach students about what it takes to build Physical Health »»» Introduce students to the concept of Healthy Habits and help them identify the positive habits in their life »»» Get students out of their…

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Nutrition Scavenger Hunt - One of Project School Wellness top selling health resources. This middle school lesson plan is perfect for health and science teachers as it introduces students to basic nutrition concepts and terms. This activity is also versatile as it can also be used as a fitness activity.

Nutrition Scavenger Hunt

By Janelle Kay / September 13, 2017 / Comments Off on Nutrition Scavenger Hunt

Preview this resource | See this resource in action   Build health literacy with an interactive and engaging Nutrition Scavenger Hunt!! » Teach students basic nutrition terms and concepts » Introduce students to the foundation of building a healthy diet » Get students out of their desks and moving during this interactive scavenger hunt   Why you’ll love it:  » Interactive…

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Dimensions of Health – Learning Station Activity

By Janelle Kay / October 31, 2017 /

Preview this resource   Why do you need this resource! No prep Engaging Active Relevant   What’s included: Set of the Dimensions of Health leaning stations with questions NOT requiring Internet access Set of the Dimensions of Health learning stations with questions requiring Internet access Blank student worksheet   This middle school health resource is…

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