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It's one of those things we accept as the teacher norm.


I mean, teachers are supposed to be overworked, underpaid, and rarely appreciated. These are the markings of a truly great teacher!


I know I've definitely been guilty of wearing my selflessness* as a badge of honor. The more I sacrifice and give, the better teacher I am. Right?


But what if we're totally wrong. 


What if our extreme selflessness and sacrifice are actually destroying our well-being? What if it's actually making us less effective teachers?


*Don't get me wrong, being selfless and sacrificing is what makes teachers great. I am just wondering if maybe we've taken it to the extreme.




Burnout Breakdown


Last year, I had a full-on burnout breakdown (more on that here).


While it had been a long time coming, one simple question opened the flood gates:


"Is your job giving you as much as you're giving it?"


For me, the answer was a simple and resounding no.


In reflecting on and answering this question, the reality of my burnout set in and my life began to dramatically shift. I am not gonna lie and say I recovered from my burnout and begin thriving the second I came to terms with my exhausting reality.


In truth recovering was a process (and it still is). But thankfully, specific and intentional steps have transformed my well-being (and they can transform your life too!)


Say Goodbye to Burn Out 


After dealing with my burnout, I knew I wanted to share my experience. And I knew I needed to give other teachers hope and make sure they know that...


....burnout doesn't have to be the teacher norm! (tweet that)


So here it is - a 5 step email course showing teachers how to say goodbye to burnout and hello to thriving! 


Zero Risk Trial


Because I know how busy you are, I've made this course incredibly easy and risk-free...


  • It comes with audio recordings - so you don't even have to read it!
  • There's a workbook - This easy-to-follow, fillable PDF workbook will help guide you through the course (I even added some printables!)
  • And it's free ninety-nine - Yes, it's free! The sole purpose of this course is to help as many teachers as possible overcome burnout (so why not tell all your teacher friends about it!!!)


This is truly a zero risk endeavor. All you gotta do is sign up below!


Thriving Awaits!

The Ultimate Teacher Guide to Thriving

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