What is Wellness?


Have you heard the word wellness? Companies use it on advertisements to sell their product. Businesses present it in their benefits package to entice employees. Fitness centers put it in their name to draw in costumers. Simply put, the word has become quite the trend and I don't see it going away any time soon! Unfortunately, as with many trends, the term wellness is in danger of being used and labeled incorrectly.


So what exactly is wellness and why should you spend time reading this post (and future posts in this series)... Well, would you believe me if I said your happiness depends on it?


Don't believe me?


I promise, it's true.


As I eluded to in the first paragraph, this post is the first in a new segment titled Wellness 101. In this first post, I want to share my personal wellness philosophy. Throughout the last year and a half, I have been pursuing a graduate degree in Wellness and Lifestyle Management. As a component of one of my classes, I was asked to write our personal philosophy of wellness. The result of that assignment is the framework of this post. My philosophy derives from personal experience and theoretical frameworks I have learned throughout my master's program. As you read, please keep in mind that this is a living piece of work, one that is continually being evaluated as I grow and encounter new experiences and knowledge.


And without further ado, my wellness philosophy...


Wellness is a dynamic process of living opposed to a state to be conquered. I define wellness as creating a balance within the multifaceted areas of life. I prescribe to the theory that wellness is divided into multiple dimensions, which include physical, social, emotional, environmental, spiritual, occupational, and intellectual wellness. These dimensions are intricately woven together, influencing each other, and governing an individual's overall well-being. When balance is met within each component of life, an individual is able to thrive and experience the good life rather than simply exist. In essence, the purpose of wellness is NOT to prevent illness or heal disease. Instead, the purpose of wellness is for an individual to experience true, sustaining happiness and joy. As a wellness professional, it is my duty to inspire and empower people with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance and maintain balance in each aspect of life, thus enabling everyone to experience a preposterous and joyous life.


Extra. Extra. As I discuss the existence of multiple dimensions of wellness, I believe it is necessary to expand on each facet and provide greater detail of my personal perceptions. In order to keep this post short, I have shared my philosophy for each component here.


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