Hockey Fitness Activity

A Circuit Workout for the Hockey Unit



Recently, my fitness activities have been getting a little stale. Even though it has been on my to-do list for a while, I haven't made it a priority. Finally, on Monday after a very stressful teaching day and I knew making a new workout activity had to be moved up the list! The outcome of this brainstorming was this hockey fitness activity.


The students did this workout like a circuit. For 7th and 8th there were 10 stations (2 laps with stick handling + a few components of fitness writing stations), 6th graders had 6 stations (the same fitness activities but no writing stations). Students rotated with their hockey sticks on the whistle. Here are the four non-running stations:


Exercise #1: Side hops over the hockey stick 

Hockey Fitness Activity, Hockey


Exercise #2: Lunge (or Squat) with hockey stick overhead

Hockey Fitness Activity, Hockey Workout, Fitness Activity, Lunge with hockey stick


Exercise #3: Mountain climbers jumping over hockey stick


Hockey Fitness Activity, Hockey Workout - Mountain Climbers


Exercise #4: Roll ups with hockey stick overhead

(Begin fully extended on the ground with hockey stick over your head, then roll up and touch your toes)




Here's a quick look at the components of fitness writing stations. Students were asked to discuss the connection between playing hockey and the components of fitness.

Component of Fitness Activity, Fitness Activity, Health Lesson Plan


⇑ Cardiovascular Endurance // Muscular Strength ⇓

Components of Fitness, Health Lesson Plan, Fitness Activity

Components of Fitness Posters


For next week (because we don't have school until Tuesday!!!!) I am working on a Mission Possible fitness activity connected to Black History Month!


I'd love to hear about your engaging fitness activities! Please share or link to any engaging fitness activities you use with your kids!


P.S. Looking for more fitness ideas. Check out this mega fitness freebie bundle!


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