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Mission Statements Made Easy – A Middle School Writing Activity

A must have free download for every middle school teacher! This mission statement writing activity breaks down the mission statement writing process for any middle schooler. This no-prep activity can be used in any classroom across the curriculum. It's especially useful for middle school language arts teachers, health teachers, and Advisory coordinators. This Project School Wellness resource is a must have free download! Click to download your free lesson plan and activity guide today!

How To Write A Mission Statement Free Health Education Lesson Plans   Have you ever had one of those teaching days where everything clicked? The kids are all on task, engaged, and producing quality work!    It sounds like a fairy tale. Simply too good to be true, right???   Guess what??? Last week, I had one of these…

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Wellness Basics: Spiritual Health

Wellness Basics - Spiritual Health - Discover how to help your students find their purpose in life - Project School Wellness

Wellness Basics: Spiritual Health An Overview of Spiritual Health Mission Statement Writing freebie   Welcome back to the Wellness Basics Blogging Series, where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive! This week our topic is Spiritual Health – one of the eight components of health and well-being.   Real quick,…

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5 Ways to Empower Educated Voters

We are finally into the home stretch of this election, only 18 days to go.   While this is the third election I’ve voted in, this is the first time I’ve been teaching young Americans during a presidential election. Young Americans whose futures will be shaped by the outcomes of this election. Young Americans who are the furthest…

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