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Summer is over and the start of school is around the corner. And life is starting to get busy. Back-to-school stress is real.


I don't have time to write and you don't have time to read, a long post about how important the start of the year is (plus, you totally already know this). So let's just get to it...


...Scroll to discover five freebies to help start your year right!


Freebies to Start Your Year Right


Foster a culture of belonging in your classroom with this simple freebie! This is All About Me poster is a must download for every middle school teacher. A simple way to dramatically influence your school culture!

Get to Know Students - - All About Me poster

I really love starting the year with an All About Me poster. It is so fun getting to know my students through the poster making process. And I find the pledge activity so powerful. It helps kids be intentional and gives them a standard to be kept accountable to!


Dramatically transform school culture by intentionally increasing teacher-to-student and student-to-teacher complimenting. Project School Wellness makes it incredibly easy to acknowledge positive behavior with these simple Student Praise cards. This is a freebie for every elementary and middle school teacher across the curriculum! Don't wait to download this highly useful freebie!


Celebrating Positive Behavior - - Student Praise Cards

These praise cards have really been a game-changer for me! It's so easy to praise students with specific feedback. I also love letting students fill these cards out for their peers.


Wonder is a must read for every middle schooler! Check out this engaging empathy building unit plan designed just for you and your students. Students will characterize Auggie and friends, dive into their points of view, and create their own precepts. Perfect for any advisory program or language arts curriculum!


Setting the Stage for a Great Year (and Life) - - Precept Writing

Wonder is truly one of the most profound books I've read, ever. And one of my favorite parts of the book is Mr. Browne's precepts. As R.J. Palacio says, precepts are simply words to live by. This precept writing activity helps students set the stage for a great year by defining powerful words to live by.



Creating a Progress Check Routine - - Assess Yourself

Learning from too much experience...checking grades can be a pain in the rear! It can be incredibly stressful, take too much time, and not really be that effective. This check-in sheet makes it easy and creates a routine of self-reflection that students actually benefit and grow from.


Download this mastery chart posters! Hey Teachers, use this Project School Wellness freebie to help students create a routine of self-assessment and reflection!


Building Independent Learners - - Assess Yourself

I'm a big fan the N.A.M.E. self-assessment chart. I love that it's rooted in growth and progress. And it's an insanely easy way for students to check their learning. Much easier to digest than a simple 4,3,2,1 scale.

Well, that's it. I hope these freebies help you start the year right. I wish you all the luck in the world as you begin another year of school!


Start your year right with 5 must have teacher freebies! Lay a foundation for success with some of Project School Wellness' top resources. Click to download self-assessment poster, precept writing activity, student praise cards, progress sheet, All About Me poster! These freebies will help you start your year right and be on your way to changing your students' lives forever!


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