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5 Time-Saving End-of-Year Freebies!

Check out these time saving end-of-year freebies! These free downloads are perfect for any upper elementary or middle school teacher looking for engaging end-of-year lesson plans! Click to download these freebies. A must for you and your students!

Discover all of our freebies! Hey Teacher,   Day 180 is just around the corner. I know the last few days and weeks offer their own special kind of crazy, but you can do it! And to help make it a little bit easier, I have gathered a few time-saving end-of-year freebies just for you and…

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Wellness Basics: Occupational Health

How to plan for career success in your classroom! What every teacher needs to know about Career Exploration - Wellness Basics by Project School Wellness

Wellness Basics: Occupational Health A Wellness Cheat Sheet Discover our Career Exploration Bundle!   Welcome to the next installment in the Wellness Basics series – where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive!  This week’s topic is Occupational Health.    It’s not quite what you think   When I asked my students…

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Talking Gender Stereotypes with Mulan

Inspired by Disney's Mulan, use this freebie to talk about gender stereotypes with your middle school students. This is a must have freebie lesson plan for every middle school teacher!

Talking Gender Stereotypes with Mulan A Free Resource About Gender Stereotypes   I hope my title didn’t scare you away…   …but it’s International Women’s Day + Women’s History Month and I think we should talk about gender stereotypes.   Taking on a heavy topic like this in your classroom can be incredibly daunting. And it…

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A Tool to Raise Student Accountability

  Getting students to take accountability for their learning and academic progress is no easy task.   It is a constant struggle in my classroom. Sure, for the most part, my students are aware of their grades. But few are able to explain what actions and habits actually lead to each grade.    “….a higher level of understanding…

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