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Say Goodbye to Teacher Burnout and Thrive!

A Free Burnout Recovery Course Just for Teachers!   Burnout.   It’s one of those things we accept as the teacher norm.   I mean, teachers are suppose to be overworked, underpaid, and rarely appreciated. These are the markings of a truly great teacher!   I know I’ve definitely been guilty of wearing my selflessness* as a badge of honor. The more I sacrifice and give, the better teacher I am. Right?   But what if we’re totally wrong.    What if our extreme selflessness…

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Wellness Basics - Spiritual Health - Discover how to help your students find their purpose in life - Project School Wellness

Wellness Basics: Spiritual Health

Members, get your freebie here!   Welcome back to the Wellness Basics Blogging Series, where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive! This week our topic is Spiritual Health – one of the eight…

5 Ways Sir Ken Robinson is Revolutionizing Education, Project School Wellness, Teacher Blog

5 Ways Sir Ken Robinson is Revolutionizing Education

 Do Schools Kills Creativity?   That’s the title of Sir Ken Robinson’s most viewed video on YouTube and one of the most viewed Ted Talks ever. The guy is leading an education revolution and my husband and I were lucky…