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How Teachers Pay Teachers changed my life!

See how TpT Can Change Your Life*   Teachers Pay Teachers (a.k.a. TpT) is one of the many startups disrupting the world. If you aren’t familiar with it, think of Airbnb* or Lyft* for teachers. Just in this scenario the hotel chains and taxi drivers are textbook publishers and teaching suppliers. The whole idea is for teachers to buy and sell teaching materials with other educators.   How @TpTdotcom can change your life! #edchat Click To Tweet   A Genius Idea  …

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How to plan for career success in your classroom! What every teacher needs to know about Career Exploration - Wellness Basics by Project School Wellness

Wellness Basics: Occupational Health

Career Exploration Freebie | Sign Up   Welcome to the next installment in the Wellness Basics series – where we chat about the basics of wellness, well-being, and learning how to thrive!  This week’s topic is Occupational Health.    Wellness Basics series –…

Inspired by Disney's Mulan, use this freebie to talk about gender stereotypes with your middle school students. This is a must have freebie lesson plan for every middle school teacher!

Talking Gender Stereotypes with Mulan

Member Freebie | Sign Up   I hope my title didn’t scare you away…   …but it’s International Women’s Day + Women’s History Month and I think we should talk about gender stereotypes.   …this isn’t a lesson in telling…

Mission Statement writing activity - help students define their purpose and meaning in life! A non-prep middle school writing activity!

Mission Statements Made Easy – A Middle School Writing Activity

Members’ Freebie | Sign up   Have you ever had one of those teaching days where everything clicked? The kids are all on task, engaged, and producing quality work!    It sounds like a fairy tale. Simply too good to be true, right???…